Brazilian Style Imports brand natural hardwood barbeque charcoal is produced from farmed natural hardwood, making it an environmentally-conscious option.

Our natural wood BBQ charcoal is specifically developed for restaurant open style barbecue cooking & offers superior flavour, large chunk size pieces also give maximum burning time.

This product is suitable for Brazilian churrasco, Argentinean Parrilla, Greek Souvla, Cyprus Grill, Lebanese Kofta or Kafta & any other style of charcoal grilling & roasting.

The product is conveniently packaged in 10kg cardboard cartons with straps and inner woven bag liner making it clean & easy to handle while maintaining maximum quality by reducing the effects of moisture during storage.


Brazilian Style Imports natural hardwood charcoal is available at wholesale bulk rates to businesses such as distributors, restaurants & retailers by pallets, skids or loose cartons.

charcoal wood

If you are interested in our bulk charcoal supply please contact us through our contact page.


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