Dealers & Support

Based in Sydney Proline Equipment offers a nationwide network of dealers & technical service agents across Australia & New Zealand. We hold a large stock of spare parts so any issues can be resolved if they arise.

Our team can assist with any operational advise & after-sales service that is required. If you are an equipment dealer & interested in selling our products please contact us.

Training & Demo Chef

Operational Cooking Training

Proline Equipment can offer optional cooking training on our Scheer equipment with our training & demo chef who has over 20 years experience in all styles of charcoal, wood & gas-fired rotisserie & grilling techniques.

Our chef has personally cooked limitless styles of foods on our equipment for restaurants & catering jobs over the years with numbers of well over 500 people per night. More in-depth training & menu development consulting is also available as an option for Proline Equipment customers using our Scheer equipment.

So if using Scheer equipment is a new style of cooking for your venue do not worry, we can assist you to offer the best food quality giving you happy customers & more return on your investment.

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      Silver Chef Rent

      Rental options on Scheer commercial equipment models start from just $14 a day. Contact us to find out more.

      2 Year Warranty

      All commercial products carry a 2-year parts & labour warranty.

      1 Year Warranty

      Residential products carry 12 months parts & labour warranty.