Rib & Pig Spit Rotisserie- Charcoal


The Charcoal Rib & Spit Machine is designed for display slow cooking of whole ribs vertically on rotating racks with a motorised pig spit at rear.

Engineered with over 40 years experience, Scheer offers equipment solutions for any style of charcoal, wood fire grilling or rotisserie cooking.

CUSTOMISED EQUIPMENT – Charcoal Rib & Hog Unit

-Charcoal or wood fired rotisserie with refractory bricks
-2 vertical skewers for large ribs & 1 horizontal skewer to cook hog, pig or whole animal
-Two independant rotisserie systems
-Stainless steel coated equipment
-5 inch castors
-Installed next to the main entrance as a show piece for the guests

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Proline Equipment

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