DUE 625 Charcoal rotisserie with electric lifting grill & fire box- residential drop on pit module


The Scheer DUE 625 Combination charcoal rotisserie with electric lifting grill & fire box offers stylish & flexible home BBQ cooking with a point of difference. The Fire Box section is for burning pieces of wood to make the red hot charcoal drop down so it can be scraped over to the cooking zone.  These models can be dropped onto an existing charcoal pit. There is also versions with integrated pit & many types of stands available so it can be fully self contained & mobile on castors.  Please ask us for more information & advice.

There is many different accessories for cooking a variety of menu items such as butterflied or whole chickens, lamb or pork leg, vegetables, mini skewers & a lot more over charcoal.  Rotisserie cooking offers the great visual display cooking for your home and it self bastes the foods while rotating sealing inside the moisture & flavour to give the best quality meats you could ask for.

Engineered with over 40 years experience, Scheer offers equipment solutions for any style of charcoal, wood or gas-fired grilling or rotisserie cooking.

DUE 625 Rotisserie with Electric lifting grill & Fire Box Module- Residential

-Made to sit on your own Charcoal pit. We can provide drawings with required dimensions if needed.

– Fire Box 400 or 500mm wide

-Rotisserie section with rotating skewers on 2 levels in sizes 485 up to 1085mm wide, removable electric lifting grill in same space as rotisserie.

-3rd level rest bar with grids available for rotisserie section
-Full range of accessories which fit the unit such as baskets, triple skewers etc
-240V 50Hz standard power point required.

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