LV660A- Gas with Lava Rock Parrilla Grill- Electric Lifting Grill System


High performance gas lava rock Parrilla grill boasts the highest MJ rating & cooking heat on the market with the addition of an electric lifting function on the grill.

Fully AGA approved (AGA#9060) these models use a new gas with lava rock system to give a high cooking temperature & speed if required, also providing even heating across the cooking surface & extra flavour from drippings charring on the rocks. Under cooking area trays catch any drippings making it easy to clean.  Heat is regulated on the gas system & by adjusting the grill cooking height with the lifting system (manual or electric lift).  The lifting system also helps manage any flaring on the rocks from heavily marinated or fatty meats.

Options: black finish base, various interchangeable cooking grids- fish grids, SS round bar grids, V shaped grids with grease collector trays.

Engineered with over 40 years experience, Scheer offers equipment solutions for any style of charcoal, wood or gas-fired grilling or rotisserie cooking.

NEW AGA LV/LVR series Features:

– New Powerful 3 Way Pilot Flame Safety System mounted in the sides of the machine away from the rock dust etc- less maintenance.. see video attached.
– Cross Light Burner with Smaller Size Tube for easy lighting up of main burners
– Burner Controls Valves Up Higher to save bending down so low
– Ignitor & Rotation Switches Up Higher to save bending down so low
– No Water Trays Any More (new machine structure, angled drip trays & central removable tray for grease etc)
– Manual Lighting Flash Tube for use with a manual gas lighter stick from the front of machine through a tube to light directly onto the pilot.
– Rocks 50mm Up Closer to the cooking level
– Working Edge Height 900mm Above Floor instead of 950mm (to match most other equipment heights)
– Recessed Rear Gas Connections Cavity– machine can be pushed up much closer against the rear wall

LV660A Gas Lava Rock Parrilla Grill- High Performance with Electric Grill Lift System

  • Open style unit suitable for an open kitchen or an island type cooking line
  • Electric grill lifting system for controlling heat & flaring
  • Ultra-fast cooking speed with gas lava rock system
  • Fully AGA approved AGA#9060
  • Natural gas or LPG – 2 x 3/4″ connections
  • Electrical 240V 10A supply for models with electric lift grill system
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm Total Gas Consumption MJ/h
1000 x 850 x 1250 186
1200 x 850 x 1250 215
1500 x 850 x 1250 286
1800 x 850 x 1250 322
2000 x 850 x 1250 344
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