Menarrosto- Charcoal Chicken Bulk Roasting Rotisserie


This machine is for bulk cooking of chickens or chicken pieces with 2 wheels & central fire box.

Engineered with over 40 years experience, Scheer offers equipment solutions for any style of charcoal, wood or gas-fired grilling or rotisserie cooking.

CUSTOMISED PROJECT – Charcoal Spit Roaster for Chicken

-Charcoal Mennarosto Rotisserie
-High cooking capacity: from 30 to 60 whole chickens
-15 rotating skewers as standard
-Suitable for wood or charcoal grilling
-The whole system rotate (all skewers together), and each skewers also rotate individually a quarter turn each wheel rotation
-A double unit can be manufactured with capacity for 30 rotating skewers
-Water tray collecting grease & avoiding extra smoke

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