Multi Spit Roasting Machine- High Capacity Charcoal/Wood Fired


The Scheer MultiSpit Roasting Machine is a display solid fuel cooking unit for flexible use. This unit has 12 spit positions on 2 large wheels, the spits rotate & also the wheels can rotate aswell. The unit has flat grills at the front for grilling smaller items. Unit is suitable for several whole pig/lambs at once & also smaller cuts & chickens can be cooked in baskets.

Options: black finish base, various interchangeable cooking grids- fish grids, SS round bar grids, V shaped grids.

Engineered with over 40 years experience, Scheer offers equipment solutions for any style of charcoal, wood fire grilling or rotisserie cooking.

Heavy Duty Multi-Spit Roasting Machine

-Dim. 2000 x 1200 x 1800h (mm), can be manufactured to suit required size
-High cooking capacity with 13 motorised spit capacity each with 40kg capacity
-Suitable for wood or charcoal grilling/roasting of whole/flat chickens, large & small cuts of all meats, whole pigs/lamb, vegetables & more
-500mm depth removable flat grill across full length at front
-2 motors rotation systems rotate whole system of wheels with all skewers together and skewers also rotate individually with wheels fixed
-Black rustic + stainless finish
-Fully insulated refractory brick fire pit with raised rear edge
-Open storage under & ash collection drawer
-Mounted on lockable castors

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