Parrilla 675- Double Grill with Fire Box- Charcoal/Wood


Parrilla 675 series is a solid fuel Parrilla grill open style for maximum appeal & visual cooking.  This model has manual front mounted wheel lifting grills for regulating cooking heat & controlling any flaring of fatty meats or heavily marinated items.

Options: various interchangeable cooking grids- fish grids, SS round bar grids, V shaped grids, fire box, removable motorised pig spit.

Engineered with over 40 years experience, Scheer offers equipment solutions for any style of charcoal, wood fire grilling or rotisserie cooking.

Commercial Double Charcoal or Wood fired Parrilla Grill 675 with optional fire box & wood basket

-Charcoal or wood fired multi station grill
-Insulated refractory brick pit saves 20-30% charcoal usage
-2 grills with wheel lift system
-Two independent wheel driven manual grill lifting systems
-Central refractory fire box with wood burning basket & heavy duty cast iron clad door
-Stainless steel exterior or black rustic finish
-Fold up front shelf, front of pit wall folds down for easy access
-5 inch castors
-Open storage under
-Stainless construction with different grid types available
-Hanging hooks for meats
-Sizes from 800 – 2500mm or larger on request

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